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Mist by Zero
30/06/2017 [sweden] [lighting] [permalink]

A pendant, ceiling- and wall-fixture with double globes that diffuse the light evenly and pleasantly. The semitransparency of the outer glass globe provides depth and creates an illusion of light glowing through a mist.

Hara by Simone Viola
07/05/2017 [sweden] [others] [permalink]

Hara is a Japanese word that signifies the core of the physical and spiritual strength. Perfect balance is at the heart of the Hara challenge: the harmonious balance of the warmth and naturalness of the solid beech, sustained by the plastic joints, of the lines and contours, with the comfortable, and ergonomic structure, characterised by the elegant, graceful silhouette.

Plane Lamp by Front
16/02/2016 [sweden] [lighting] [permalink]

Plane Lamp by Front for Zero Transparency and sharpness characterise Plane, both as a pendant and a floor version. It has a simple construction of thin metal wires in a structural grid crowned by a flat light source, turned off it is completely transparent, that spreads a pleasant light half-up, half-down. The result gives even illumination, excellent for most environments.

Lift shelves by Staffan Holm
11/06/2014 [sweden] [livingroom] [permalink]

Inspired by extendable scissor lift trucks, the versatile Lift shelving units can be used on their own or as a modular shelving system, freestanding or easily mounted on the wall. Designed by Staffan Holm, Lift shelves are a modern option for traditional wooden shelving systems. Lift comes in a flat pack and is fast and easy to assemble.

Shop Moln
01/01/2014 [sweden] [shops] [permalink]

Shop moln is an initiative by swedish brand camp cirrus, owned by cina kjellsson and matts wiberg. in our shop you find the camp cirrus range, but also products by other brands and designers, items within design and crafts that we find interesting and beautiful.

Splinter by Mia Cullin
11/12/2013 [sweden] [livingroom] [permalink]

Tables in aluminium and glass, where the frame is assembled at random to give an irregular pattern.

HooK bicycle stand by Note
02/11/2013 [sweden] [outdoor] [permalink]

Bicycle stands are a staple of the city landscape. Their functional shapes are easy to distinguish, and the lateral line-ups they form in urban centres are hard to miss. With this in mind, Note set out to create a cycle stand that is bold enough to stand out against an urban backdrop, yet at close range, appear smaller.

Yupik by Form Us With Love
08/08/2013 [sweden] [lighting] [permalink]

Yupik is a new portable lamp designed by Form Us With Love for FontanaArte. Yupik is inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of modern day life. The lamp is designed to be moved around and adapted to the needs of the situation, it can stand, lie down or hang. The body in polypropylene foam makes the lamp sturdy and surprisingly lightweight. Diffuser in clear polycarbonate. Fitted with 5-metre black power cable, allowing the lamp to be moved and placed on a surface with the light source directed upwards, laid on one side or even hung with the accompanying hook.

Oppo by Bla Station
18/07/2013 [sweden] [others] [permalink]

Oppo is a swivel easy-chair that inhabits a room even when no one is there. The soft shape invites you to communicate without words. Oppo comes in a small and a large version, with or without armrests. Oppo thrives almost everywhere; airports, waiting areas, hotels, lounges, libraries and many other locations.

Snobar by Yonder Magnetik
16/05/2013 [sweden] [livingroom] [permalink]

SNOBAR is Swedish word for snowberry. Its name derives from the plant of the same name. This is a play of word, shapes and materials. Its construction is made out of oak, hard and resistant wood, which contrasts soft berry seating shape. Snobar can go anywhere - from bedroom to a garden. It is all about comfort and mellowing down the stress.

Airplane by BRIO
17/12/2012 [sweden] [kids] [permalink]

Ready for take off ! This classic looking BRIO toy brings you to new heights. The propeller spins with your imagination and the wheels allow for easy take off and landing.

Temple by Claesson Koivisto Rune
30/11/2012 [sweden] [bedroom] [permalink]

Minimalistic bed.

Hideaway by Bosign
11/09/2012 [sweden] [accessories] [permalink]

Hideaway Cable Organizer hides all cables and cords conveniently both at home and in your office. With three size alternatives, your electronic accessories can be easily gathered for fast access when you need to connect or unplug your gadgets. Phones, iPods and other gadgets that need to be charged can be securely stored in the scooped-out lid with gummed grooves. Hideaway’s smallest model fits well on the small hallway table or on your bedside table. Here you can also store other things that frequently end up lying around on tables, such as keys and wallets. Each of the two larger models fits conveniently on the floor and has room for a two-way cable so that a number of different gadgets can be connected.

Keel by Form Us With Love
03/08/2012 [sweden] [livingroom] [permalink]

Inspired by sailing boats, its structure is similar to that of a boat, where the keel is the element that keeps the boat steady in the water. In the same eay, the Keel table is made up of veneer bentwood stabilised by a keel.

Dexter by Lammhults
10/06/2012 [sweden] [livingroom] [permalink]

Dexter is a multifunctional little stool with a simple and graphical design. Place several in a row to create a bench or stack them on top of eachother and it forms a little shelf for storing. Dexter is made of powder coated solid steel thread and is available in several different colours. The powder coat allows outdoor use.

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