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The Heart by Kosmos Project
05/06/2016 [poland] [diningroom] [permalink]

The Heart - deploys the heart shape, identified with the human soul and with laboratory equipment; a symbol of civil progress that, in spite of immense intellectual growth, still fails to convincingly answer existential questions and quell primal anxieties.

Earth Stone Wood
13/05/2016 [poland] [others] [permalink]

Earth Stone Wood is a multifunctional modular furniture that refers to the pagan spirituality of ancient Slavs.

Edgy by Patrycja Domanska
20/02/2015 [poland] [decoration] [permalink]

Edgy is a three-dimensional tile. The aim was to provide an alternative to the flat, two dimensional walls in bathrooms and other living quarters. The form is made up of asymmetrical surfaces, folding onto one plane, to form a hexagonal base.

24/12/2014 [poland] [lighting] [permalink]

HOP combines the strength of modern design together with precise workmanship. We focus on Polish quality as well as solid Polish production. We readily use the services of experts of these dying professions. The first projects of HOP are handmade turned wood lamps made by local craftsmen.

Georetro by Marcin Laskowski
31/10/2013 [poland] [livingroom] [permalink]

Table georetro takes its inspirations from a range of retro styled pieces. It is supported on three legs and has a geometrically curved corner. This contemporary table is a result of combining a mix of different classical kidney shaped tables. The geometrical shape of the table can be easily placed in any location. It can be used as a freestanding piece, connected to various types of seating or combined with another georetro table to create a multicoloured combination.

Ceramics plates by Boguslaw Sliwinski
14/12/2012 [poland] [kids] [permalink]

Every parent knows what a nightmare of feeding. Telling a child: do not play with your food, just eat. That is why Boguslaw created these plates In spite of the principles used by mothers around the world, that food should not be play with.

Blow sofa by Malafor
07/12/2010 [poland] [livingroom] [permalink]

The BLOW Sofa is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags with a metal rack and rubber straps. It is easy to transport when flat and simple to inflate. Each section can be personalized with a pen and if the cushions gets dirty, it is inexpensive to replace. For insid and outside use, the bags are water resistant.

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Screen Panel by Beza Projekt
22/07/2010 [poland] [others] [permalink]

Screen panel was designed for the private space as well as the office. It is light so easy to carry.

Taka table by Love kompott
11/02/2010 [poland] [diningroom] [permalink]

Taka table is 180 cm long, 76 cm wide and 74 cm high and can accommodate 8 people. The surface of the table is uneven and faceted. It is indented in a number of irregular, polygonal shapes and turns the table top into a vessel itself. Among the cuts there are horizontal planes arranged so that the table can be used in a traditional manner. By breaking the most basic characteristic of a table – its flat surface, it breaks the stereotype and opens up a discussion about the search for the new values – cultural, functional and aesthetic.

Mirror by Emocja
07/02/2010 [poland] [hall] [permalink]

Mirror that will help you to see you thoughts.

KOKO by Biuro-K
05/01/2010 [poland] [hall] [permalink]

Two rectangular frames of irregular height with vertical insets/projections. The frames have been fixed permanently. However, they can be unfolded, changing the width of the gauge accordingly. An evenly breakdown of the forces provides exceptional stability. Very convenient for transport when folded up.

Mazzy by Aze
14/10/2008 [poland] [kids] [permalink]

Kids like and should draw whenever they want. MAZZY wallpaper gives a child an opportunity to create a colourful space in playroom using own fantasy and crayons… In the same time parents can no longer bother kid's troublesome creativity. The wallpaper is available in two different paterns: Garden and Progress

Hidden by Tomek Rygalik
31/07/2008 [poland] [office] [permalink]

Hidden is a modular system allowing for variety of configurations. Three types of modules can be assembled to form arrangements that create creative spaces for casual meetings or waiting areas.

Criss Cross by Modus Design
03/04/2008 [poland] [accessories] [permalink]

Designs in this collection are a part of new Interactive Ceramic Product. A concept, which goal is to integrate the viewer or the owner of this design and offer physical interaction with the object. Criss-Cross set is a utilitarian and playful solution for a table setting when your guests come for home party. Objects refer to a popular game in boring moments when you can draw a cross on anything and spend time playing.

Bibik by Noti
04/03/2008 [poland] [livingroom] [permalink]

Extensive collection of sofas with wide, comfortable elbow-rests which cover the seat - a characteristic feature of the whole collection. Depending on the layout of the elbow-rests we can distinguish: Couches with and without elbow-rests as well as multifunctional sofas with a large seat and movable elbow rests. The unusual shape of very soft back cushions enables you to comfortly support the back and head. It is also possible to decrease the depth of the seats. Sofas with optional pull out the seats are an additional solution for space to sleep guests.

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