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20/02/2017 [netherlands] [others] [permalink]

Product design with an industrial touch. Ranging from interior design to fashion accessories; at qoowl we choose for the unexpected. We do so through our choice of materials, or the shape of our products. Run by industrial designer Wisse Trooster. Founded in 2011 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Copper boiler lamp by Willem Heeffer
19/07/2016 [netherlands] [lighting] [permalink]

Powder coated boiler from professional espresso machine which has produced coffee for over ten years.

Shift table by Spell
18/06/2016 [netherlands] [diningroom] [permalink]

The Shift Table merges everyday living and working for the entrepreneurial nomad. When you want to switch quick and easily between work and personal surrounding but connected. The design of the table oozes authentic modernism using subtle lines to create an array of hidden functions. Despite the increasing battery life of our notebooks, tablets and smart phones, it is still indispensable to keep them charging regularly, making those sloppy-looking cables unavoidable in your interior.

Hole chair
23/03/2016 [netherlands] [diningroom] [permalink]

Surprise is one of the key elements that make people stop, turn their head and have a closer look. The legs of the HOLE chair have this effect on people. The faceted legs pierce though the seat of the chair, melting the frame and seat together and leaving a mark.
The HOLE chair was introduced for the first time in Paris during Maison et Oject and in Stockholm during the Stockholm Furniture Fair.
The HOLE chairs legs are made of Europian Oak, known for it s strenght and durability. A well built chair will last a lifetime, that is Marc’s goal. 100% wool from Denmark is used for the upholstery, giving the chair a warm and rich finish.

BoBo – Side Table by RKNL
24/12/2015 [netherlands] [livingroom] [permalink]

The design for this unconventional side table was inspired by the African Baobab tree. This tree with its wide trunk and fragile branches defies all laws of correct proportions, which makes it one of a kind in nature.

The BoBo is expressing the same. Perky and unique. As a side table it sure is handy, offering three plateaus for a cup, mobile phone, iPad, remote control or even an old school book...

There are two standard versions of the BoBo: burned oak with brushed brass and solid oak with white steel. The black version is colored using the Shou-sugi-ban technique, an ancient Japanese technique in which wood is burned to form a natural protection. This traditional torching method generates a much richer color than a standard stain and deepens the grain of the oak. After burning and brushing, the side table is lacquered to prevent the release of charcoal.

The BoBo is made by real craftsmen, as are all designs by RKNL. No mass production but production with attention to detail. The center piece is made of solid oak and has an honest, natural look. As a result of the use of solid oak, each piece is different and has its own character.

Kalm by Artifort
03/07/2015 [netherlands] [livingroom] [permalink]

A large, new cosy armchair by French designer Patrick Norguet. It is a sanctuary in its own right, a place to unwind and get comfortable. With Kalm, Patrick Norguet has created an iconic, luxurious and comfortable high-back armchair for your living room or study.

Evolution Bathtub by House of Thol
30/10/2014 [netherlands] [bathroom] [permalink]

The bathroom is ever increasingly becoming part of our daily living environment. It is a space we enjoy spending time in and deserves to be cherished. This idea motivated the design of the bathtub Evolution: a combination of contemporary materials and artisan craftsmanship that is all about comfort. The inner tub is made of a fibreglass reinforced polyester/marble composite. To produce it, House of Thol closely collaborates with a manufacturer that has years of experience working with similar materials in the boating industry. The frame is made of American white oak, bended, shaped and assembled by hand in the workshop in Zandvoort.

Porcelain Jug by Aldo Bakker
08/06/2014 [netherlands] [others] [permalink]

Porcelain Jug part of the Jug + Cup tableware collection by Aldo Bakker for Particles. Because of the performance that the Jug suggests, it never looks lost when it stands unused. For it even performs as it waits to carry out its function: pouring. To use it you turn it upside down so that the big opening points upwards and fill it with water. When full, the Jug balances on the table; when empty, you can turn it upside down again (to cover the cup)

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12/05/2014 [netherlands] [lighting] [permalink]

A new design lighting brand from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They designed their own website from scratch and came up with this minimal way of showing their products.

Dragon fly by Hella Jongerius
01/03/2014 [netherlands] [livingroom] [permalink]

This table limited to only 8 pieces was exhibited at Galerie Kreo in Paris, at the occasion of the O.K. exhibition. O.K. here stands for the Bostonian interpretation of the famous 19th century abbreviation Oll Korrect. The exhibition presented completely new pieces conceived outside the ideas of thematic and monographic exhibitions. All pieces are important and meaningful, consecrated in the line of work of each of the designers. Each piece was never seen before, out of the ordinary and created from diverse materials.

Grape by Smool
17/12/2013 [netherlands] [diningroom] [permalink]

The capricious form of this wine rack is made of a very strongly, super-light material. It can store twelve wine bottles. There are many ways to pile up the Grape and can be made to a beautiful wall.

Windworks by Merel Karhof
23/11/2013 [netherlands] [others] [permalink]

Windworks is a collection of upholstered furniture pieces, of which the wood, upholstery, dyeing and knitting of the yarn are all made with a free and inexhaustible energy source; the wind.

Tjirp by Cas Moor
27/07/2013 [netherlands] [others] [permalink]

Wooden doorstop made of solid oak designed and handmade by Cas Moor. Due to the simple bird shape it also becomes a pure and esthetic object for your home.

Dutch Design Only
03/07/2013 [netherlands] [others] [permalink] is the largest directory of Dutch Design products, Dutch Designers, Dutch Architects, Dutch craftsmen, Design Education, Dutch Design institutions, and all other sectors of the Dutch Design industry. The days where the Netherlands was only know for their Clogs and Tulips are over! The Netherlands has been gaining recognition for its wide range of modern, contemporary, and innovative Dutch designs by designers such as Maarten Baas, Jurgen Bey, Droog Design, Niels van Eijk, Ineke Hans, Joris Laarman, iriam van der Lubbe, Tejo Remy, and Marcel Wanders, just to name a few.

Collection 065 by Thomas Eyck
28/05/2013 [netherlands] [diningroom] [permalink]

Vinegar flask.

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