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Elamina by Famoos
27/07/2016 [germany] [lighting] [permalink]

LED luminaire elamina with three modules in black, white and bavarian blue.

Bread cat by Orijin
10/07/2016 [germany] [kids] [permalink]

Lovingly covered and imaginatively designed. The new breadboards bread_cat, bread_owl and bread_frog bring fun and game on the table. Chives eyelashes and tomato eyes let your imagination run wild and try creating different animal faces on your breadboards.

Peaclock by Olschewski
02/07/2016 [germany] [others] [permalink]

Original wall clock.

Transfer Cutting Board by Chris and Ruby
27/06/2016 [germany] [kitchen] [permalink]

The cutting board Transfer allows you to insert a plate, so that you can just slide your freshly cut ingredients on the plate. This way your cutting board stays nice and clean for the next ingredient to be prepared.

Acid lips by Neo
12/06/2016 [germany] [livingroom] [permalink]

Acid lips is sexy, attractive and harmonious. The carefully chosen materials and the extravagant visual appearance of the seat provide an exciting experience for body and mind.

Fungi by Andreas Kowalewski
25/02/2015 [germany] [lighting] [permalink]

The Fungi Lamps are made out of a nylon webbing, bonded together through a special glue technique. With their unconventional construction, each lamp silhouette shows literally a gradual growth like a tree and creates an unique and mystical light effect.

Take-off by Fifti-Fifti
24/06/2014 [germany] [lighting] [permalink]

The lampshade is made of two sheets of paper with a very fine pattern of laser stiches which can be enlarged at will. So it is possible to determine where the light passes through the lamp-shade. This leads to an endless variety of light/shade structures and patterns. The metal frame is to be stuck to one piece, the paper sheets are fixed by magnets.

Frooty by Absolute Appetite
06/04/2014 [germany] [trubka] [permalink]

FROOTY Sensual Smoothie Cups have been designed to bring the magic of fruit to life. Smoothies are healthy, convenient and tasty, but fruit can also be seductive and playful, and eating fruit can be a sensual experience. FROOTY Sensual Smoothie cups provide a new, tactile drinking experience that stimulates your senses. With their sculptural aesthetics and flawless finish, these delicate cups are both decorative and eye-catching. Each fine bone china cup is traditionally handcrafted. Available in 4 different shapes: Raspberry, Peach, Banana and Lemon.

Klopstock by Moorman
22/03/2014 [germany] [others] [permalink]

For Klopstock can do what hardly any other table can. A sophisticated click and snap system enables Klopstock s legs to be positioned in 12 different symmetrical (and some more non-symmetrical) arrangements, suitable for any desired position of chairs and table heights. Or just for an arrangement you like best. In case your taste changes, you grow, you move, or you want to use Klopstock in a different way, you simply convert Klopstock once again.

4hot Trivet by Authentics
16/03/2014 [germany] [diningroom] [permalink]

Four heat-resistant, coloured silicone octahedrons. With a casual flick of the wrist, they extend out onto the table or work surface. Hot pots and pans can be placed perfectly safely and securely on the upper surfaces, meaning that the underlying surface is protected. It can be easily stored in a drawer, taking up very little space.

404 H by Thonet
10/03/2014 [germany] [others] [permalink]

Bent chair legs and armrests merge in a knot and are embedded from underneath in the ergonomically shaped seat. With a suspenseful contrast between the elegantly curved wooden elements and the striking upholstery the program communicates and also offers comfort: it does not prescribe a specific seating position, and the organically shaped backrest is comfortably flexing.

Seito by Walter Knoll
11/02/2014 [germany] [diningroom] [permalink]

Seito. Design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger. Table sculpture. There are tables that simply do not need showcasing. Their uniqueness makes them necessarily eye-catching. And that is the case with Seito. This dining table is a dream of lightness with its balanced lines, angles and surface. Effective understatement: the table top made of white quartz positioned on a base made of elegant nut wood. It is a joy to gather around such an impressive table in the very best of company. A table.

Johnny B. Butterfly by Ingo Maurer
07/01/2014 [germany] [lighting] [permalink]

Bulb with white Teflon shade. The dragonfly and the two butterflies are hand-made models.

Carpet Diem by Meike Harde
05/11/2013 [germany] [livingroom] [permalink]

Carpet Diem are seat cushions in a big dimension. The poufs are using thin carpeting from trade fairs. Therefore the cushions have the abilities to lie directly on the floor. By choosing the carpet material the cushions have a huge robustness.

Swingrest by Dedon
22/09/2013 [germany] [outdoor] [permalink]

The ultimate hanging lounger, SWINGREST is one of the first products to emerge from Dedon Island resort, our Outdoor Living Lab in Siargao, Philippines. Pouzet, co-architect and designer of Dedon Island, took his inspiration for the SWINGREST from the extra-high ceilings of the resort s villas. Borrowing the basket-like bottom from his earlier creation, the NESTREST, he has managed to create an altogether new work that feels even more spacious (and fits more people) while seeming to take up less space. Perfect for hanging on the terrace or veranda, or even indoors, the SWINGREST is distinguished by the purity and simplicity of its concept.

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Elamina by Famoos

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Bread cat by Orijin
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