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Amisol by Luceplan
07/09/2017 [italy] [lighting] [permalink]

The Amisol project is about making a pendant light that occupies a large physical space with a minimal physical volume, for easy orientation in space. A translucent white fi lm or a metallized mirror membrane is stretched inside a circular aluminium profile. Like a solar sail, an incredibly powerful light source projects a beam of light onto the large, almost weightless disk, either diffusing or reflecting the light. Thin rods connect the two main elements together. By altering the length and the connecting points of the two supporting wires the rotation of the disk can be set in any angle.

Tripod by FontanaArte
06/07/2017 [italy] [lighting] [permalink]

Slender, elegant and extremely long legs give this floor lamp a sense of lightness, yet also of great stability. Like the ancient Greek tripod, a symbol of hospitality, the end of each support is fitted with a Led light source with different forms and functions: the longest leg has a sphere in white frosted glass that produces a diffused ambient light, while the other two have adjustable spotlights for a direct and concentrated light. The structure is kept simple thanks to the cable organizing system, which runs inside the tubular legs. The lamp comes with black frame and brass-coated fixtures, which lend the lamp a precious elegance.

Mist by Zero
30/06/2017 [sweden] [lighting] [permalink]

A pendant, ceiling- and wall-fixture with double globes that diffuse the light evenly and pleasantly. The semitransparency of the outer glass globe provides depth and creates an illusion of light glowing through a mist.

Loop chair by Qeebo
18/06/2017 [italy] [kitchen] [permalink]

Asymmetry and dynamism: the designers have been inspired by the human body, asymmetrical in nature, to create a seat that does not impose a single position but allows the body to find the ideal one. The volutes of the backrest and the esthetic harmony answer to a precise digital processing, while the molding injection with its unlimited possibilities allows to manipulate the plastic material experiencing proportions and dimensions until succeeded the best result.

Hara by Simone Viola
07/05/2017 [sweden] [others] [permalink]

Hara is a Japanese word that signifies the core of the physical and spiritual strength. Perfect balance is at the heart of the Hara challenge: the harmonious balance of the warmth and naturalness of the solid beech, sustained by the plastic joints, of the lines and contours, with the comfortable, and ergonomic structure, characterised by the elegant, graceful silhouette.

20/02/2017 [netherlands] [others] [permalink]

Product design with an industrial touch. Ranging from interior design to fashion accessories; at qoowl we choose for the unexpected. We do so through our choice of materials, or the shape of our products. Run by industrial designer Wisse Trooster. Founded in 2011 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

09/12/2016 [Europe] [diningroom] [permalink]

Industrial design studio based in Switzerland.

Elamina by Famoos
27/07/2016 [germany] [lighting] [permalink]

LED luminaire elamina with three modules in black, white and bavarian blue.

Copper boiler lamp by Willem Heeffer
19/07/2016 [netherlands] [lighting] [permalink]

Powder coated boiler from professional espresso machine which has produced coffee for over ten years.

Bread cat by Orijin
10/07/2016 [germany] [kids] [permalink]

Lovingly covered and imaginatively designed. The new breadboards bread_cat, bread_owl and bread_frog bring fun and game on the table. Chives eyelashes and tomato eyes let your imagination run wild and try creating different animal faces on your breadboards.

Peaclock by Olschewski
02/07/2016 [germany] [others] [permalink]

Original wall clock.

Transfer Cutting Board by Chris and Ruby
27/06/2016 [germany] [kitchen] [permalink]

The cutting board Transfer allows you to insert a plate, so that you can just slide your freshly cut ingredients on the plate. This way your cutting board stays nice and clean for the next ingredient to be prepared.

Shift table by Spell
18/06/2016 [netherlands] [diningroom] [permalink]

The Shift Table merges everyday living and working for the entrepreneurial nomad. When you want to switch quick and easily between work and personal surrounding but connected. The design of the table oozes authentic modernism using subtle lines to create an array of hidden functions. Despite the increasing battery life of our notebooks, tablets and smart phones, it is still indispensable to keep them charging regularly, making those sloppy-looking cables unavoidable in your interior.

Acid lips by Neo
12/06/2016 [germany] [livingroom] [permalink]

Acid lips is sexy, attractive and harmonious. The carefully chosen materials and the extravagant visual appearance of the seat provide an exciting experience for body and mind.

The Heart by Kosmos Project
05/06/2016 [poland] [diningroom] [permalink]

The Heart - deploys the heart shape, identified with the human soul and with laboratory equipment; a symbol of civil progress that, in spite of immense intellectual growth, still fails to convincingly answer existential questions and quell primal anxieties.

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Amisol by Luceplan

Tripod by FontanaArte

Mist by Zero

Loop chair by Qeebo

Hara by Simone Viola



Elamina by Famoos

Copper boiler lamp by Willem Heeffer

Bread cat by Orijin
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