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Inspiration for modern interior and living from Europe

Transfer Cutting Board by Chris and Ruby
27/06/2016 [germany] [kitchen] [permalink]

The cutting board Transfer allows you to insert a plate, so that you can just slide your freshly cut ingredients on the plate. This way your cutting board stays nice and clean for the next ingredient to be prepared.

Shift table by Spell
18/06/2016 [netherlands] [diningroom] [permalink]

The Shift Table merges everyday living and working for the entrepreneurial nomad. When you want to switch quick and easily between work and personal surrounding but connected. The design of the table oozes authentic modernism using subtle lines to create an array of hidden functions. Despite the increasing battery life of our notebooks, tablets and smart phones, it is still indispensable to keep them charging regularly, making those sloppy-looking cables unavoidable in your interior.

Acid lips by Neo
12/06/2016 [germany] [livingroom] [permalink]

Acid lips is sexy, attractive and harmonious. The carefully chosen materials and the extravagant visual appearance of the seat provide an exciting experience for body and mind.

The Heart by Kosmos Project
05/06/2016 [poland] [diningroom] [permalink]

The Heart - deploys the heart shape, identified with the human soul and with laboratory equipment; a symbol of civil progress that, in spite of immense intellectual growth, still fails to convincingly answer existential questions and quell primal anxieties.

Alice collection by Feinedinge
29/05/2016 [austria] [diningroom] [permalink]

The ALiCE collection is available in 8 elegantly paired shades that may be combined with each other in a flexible way.

Rata tui by Thismade
22/05/2016 [Europe] [kitchen] [permalink]

Kitchen board. The integrated black rubber o-ring on the back ensures slip resistance and cushioned protection.

Earth Stone Wood
13/05/2016 [poland] [others] [permalink]

Earth Stone Wood is a multifunctional modular furniture that refers to the pagan spirituality of ancient Slavs.

Cubism bowl by Rony Plesl
04/05/2016 [czech] [decoration] [permalink]

Bowl - hand blown and cut glass.

Levante by Valsecchi1918
01/04/2016 [italy] [livingroom] [permalink]

The cabin is a minature version of a house and evolves around the idea of the house. Inspired by the words of Aldo Rossi and by the particular and the universal character of the cabins placed on the beaches, Levante is a versatile wall container made of panels of ash wood veneered, door and shelves in MDF and feet in lacquered solid wood.

Hole chair
23/03/2016 [netherlands] [diningroom] [permalink]

Surprise is one of the key elements that make people stop, turn their head and have a closer look. The legs of the HOLE chair have this effect on people. The faceted legs pierce though the seat of the chair, melting the frame and seat together and leaving a mark.
The HOLE chair was introduced for the first time in Paris during Maison et Oject and in Stockholm during the Stockholm Furniture Fair.
The HOLE chairs legs are made of Europian Oak, known for it s strenght and durability. A well built chair will last a lifetime, that is Marc’s goal. 100% wool from Denmark is used for the upholstery, giving the chair a warm and rich finish. the older news here


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