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FlyBox by Move
26/01/2016 [italy] [livingroom] [permalink]

A destructured living area can be very expressive, as its visual effect can be further enhanced by the con¬trast created by the different colours of the units. Wall units in matt black and white stand out against the wall, creating a sort of graphic design effect

Hatch by Unifor
16/01/2016 [italy] [office] [permalink]

Hatch is a modular system of office furnishings, consisting of refined partition elements that incorporate doors, open cabinets, desks and sofas, born of an original vision of the contemporary work environment. Designed to subdivide and organize the space with great flexibility and transparency, the system is based on the use of grilled panels in natural wood that can be assembled amongst themselves and with other components to create new types of office furnishings.

Web by Poliform
09/01/2016 [italy] [livingroom] [permalink]

WEB, designed by Daniel Libeskind, is the perfect portrait of modern life. Just like the Internet allows users to browse and use a collection of contents which are connected to each other by links, WEB - with its alternating blocks and voids presents a brand new bookcase concept with a strong visual impact and devised for the most disparate uses.A unique item of interior décor, made entirely of Dupont Corian, which goes way beyond its natural function of storing books. The expression of a styling and functional research to interpret contemporary living.

Slide by Alivar
30/12/2015 [italy] [livingroom] [permalink]

Sideboard in lacquered MDF with four drawers and two side doors. Base and handles in polished or painted aluminum. Top in painted acrylic stone.

BoBo – Side Table by RKNL
24/12/2015 [netherlands] [livingroom] [permalink]

The design for this unconventional side table was inspired by the African Baobab tree. This tree with its wide trunk and fragile branches defies all laws of correct proportions, which makes it one of a kind in nature.

The BoBo is expressing the same. Perky and unique. As a side table it sure is handy, offering three plateaus for a cup, mobile phone, iPad, remote control or even an old school book...

There are two standard versions of the BoBo: burned oak with brushed brass and solid oak with white steel. The black version is colored using the Shou-sugi-ban technique, an ancient Japanese technique in which wood is burned to form a natural protection. This traditional torching method generates a much richer color than a standard stain and deepens the grain of the oak. After burning and brushing, the side table is lacquered to prevent the release of charcoal.

The BoBo is made by real craftsmen, as are all designs by RKNL. No mass production but production with attention to detail. The center piece is made of solid oak and has an honest, natural look. As a result of the use of solid oak, each piece is different and has its own character.

Elise table by Sand and Birch
19/12/2015 [italy] [diningroom] [permalink]

Elise table by Sand and Birch Luxury Design is a new concept for the next year

Edito by Roche Bobois
08/12/2015 [france] [livingroom] [permalink]

Upholstered in Techno 3D fabric. Seat covered in HR polyurethane foam and fibers. Back covered in HR polyurethane foam and fibers. Suspension with HR elastic straps. Structure in solid fir wood reinforced with plywood and particle board. Swivel base in chrome-plated metal. Automatic return function with position memory system

Bucket by Giovanna Talocci
02/12/2015 [italy] [kids] [permalink]

Ceramic washbasin for kids.

Buy here (

Metafisica by Produzione Privata
28/11/2015 [italy] [lighting] [permalink]

The core of the lamp is a cylindrical body in satin-finished borosilicate glass. Its face is a bubble of transparent, blown borosilicate glass which makes the light shine brightly. De Chirico had already given this form to the heads of his uneasy muses. The structure is in metal painted dark grey, with a ring base in the floor version, but a disc base for the table version.

The Green Chair by Mobles114
22/11/2015 [spain] [diningroom] [permalink]

The Green Chair is a project created with the commitment to improve the quality of life and preserving the planet. Sensitive to this value, Mobles 114 and Mariscal, renowned designer and illustrator, interprets and brings originality to a chair produced with a material, polypropylene from the recycling of industrial waste, 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. the older news here


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